Zaritap secondary school was connected to the ASCP on May the 3rd, 2003. Today the school’s ICC offers information technologies and Internet services to teachers, about 200 students and 1200 community members.
Through the center, two employees are doing computer training with students, teachers and community active members.
The ICC offers many computer-internet services and organizes events that have the purpose of making information technologies and the Internet part of our lives.


In the ICC a discussion has taken place with the theme “Information Technologies and Education”. Teachers and previous and present pupils participated in the discussion. The conversation was very interesting and lively. Participants attached importance to the role of information technologies in the forming of the person, with special regards to the Internet as a great power and way of information exchange. Many of them also mentioned the negative sides of that phenomenon, when students devote too much time to this endeavor.

In Zaritap secondary school the foreign language that is studied is French. There are only a few students that can read and write in English. Two of them, Narine and Marine Markosyans, are using the site www.englishclub.com . They not only are improving their English knowledge through studying at this site, there also exams. Now they have many pen pals and girls communicate with them in English.



An event organized by 9th form students brought the ICC to full swing. The goal of the event was to present the ICC to invited mothers and to speak and discuss women’s rights and problems, especially village women’s. During the event we presented a slide show about world famous women. The occasion passed in a lively and jolly atmosphere, where free and sincere ideas and suggestions were exchanged.
At the end students presented to their mothers brochures made by their own hands. With this gift they wanted award to their mothers a pleasant pastime


Zaritap’s ICC made a present for first year students. We wanted to make their first entrance to school unforgettable. The ICC presented them with little brochures made by higher form students. The brochures had excerpts from childish poems and stories devoted to school. Also, in the brochures, were testimonials of high form students to their little friends and the first grade teacher’s greetings to her god-children. This unexpected present was enjoyed by all.


Four students from Zaritap entered their work in the online project “School Mosaic”. One of our students Arman Gevorkyan, won in the farthest participant category.


Concerning Teacher’s Day, the ICC presented our teachers with booklets where school students wrote poems devoted to them.



Our school participated in the online project ”After 15 Years” devoted to the memory of the 1988 Spitak earthquake victims.




There are many events approving of moral upbringing in our center. One of the events was associated with the 3rd form’s lesson of art. This event was connected to M. Saryan’s birthday. Its purpose was to acquaint students with Saryan’s works and life using Internet recourses.



On the day devoted to medical workers, a meeting with village’s ambulatory’s staff took place in the Zaritap ICC. They were acquainted with many medical sites and informed that the Internet is a source of fast and easy information. Our center also created other surprises for them wanting to show the many possibilities of information technologies.


Peace Corps Volunteer William Bostwick frequently makes use of our ICC. William is an environmental science teacher from the state of Pennsylvania. He makes use of the ICC to receive materials from his friends and family to share with our students. He also uses the ICC to prepare picture presentations for the students. William hops to help form connections between his students in Pennsylvania and the children of Zaritap secondary school.


Our ICC actively took part in an online activity called “Lawyer Consulting”. This activity was deigned to give free legal advice to the people of Vayots Dzor and Ararat regions. Through the ICC we proposed many questions and received helpful answers.