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Zaritap is a nice, green village that is situated between stony mountains as a little oasis. Nature is not generous to Zaritap, but zaritapians are never depressed. They have worked and created their own little paradise. The village of Zaritap is in Vayots Dzor administrative-territorial unit.
The village area is situated in the south-caster of Vayk mountain-range. It is 1400-2100m above sea level, 9km from Vayk and 145km from Yerevan.
The village area is spread in seven hills. Until 1950, it was only on one side of a stony and sandy hill. In the last 25-30 years the village has become larger and larger. Now, it is 4-5km wide and 15km long. The population of Zaritap consists of Armenians and native people. They are engaged mainly in agricultural work, especially beekeeping. For the latter the village has excellent climate conditions.
Since 1972, a factory of low strained electrical equipment has been operating in Zaritap, employing up to 200 workers. Today there is only one workshop functioning in the factory.
The area of Zaritap is small, but the population is high. Each villager in Zaritap has the least amount of space in the Vayots Dzor region.
There have been no building projects done in Zaritap at last 15 years. The number of forlorn houses rises day by day, because of emigration.
The village population structure looks like this:



Total of the population
By age and sex
63 and over
In spite of the difficult living conditions zaritapians are industrious, hospitable and full of vigor.
Habits, values and moral norms formed during age-long history are strong today, also. The level of education was always high in Zaritap. Technical and scientific innovations were received quickly, because the village was the regional center long ago.
The village of Zaritap has been home to many famous people. They have served and are serving Armenia today.
The village of Zaritap is mentioned in history by name Pshonq. Many monuments of village history have been preserved. Information about the monuments and the history of the village can be found here.

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