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In all likelihood, the first school officially opened in Zaritap in 1898, as documented in the magazine “Murts” (1904#12). It was an integrated school, serving both girls and boys, with a 5 years term. The school had 32-50 students, two classes and 3-4 teachers. Before that time studying in village was private and sometimes hidden.
In 1926, the original school was considered to be old and a new one was built. Finally, a stone-work, two-floored, new, comfortable building was constructed in 1949.
It was the only secondary school in the region and 500 students attended.
Our current school was built in 1989 in the west part of the village. At present this is a secondary school with 11 classes and 220 students. There are currently 20 teachers, each of which have a proper, high degree of education.
The school is named after a famous resident, Arshavir Melikyan. He was a prominent statesman, political figure, publicist, philosopher and translator.
Zaritap secondary school has been awarded 8 gold medals and 175 graduates have received degrees from post-secondary institutions.
In i’ts 106 year history the school has had 16 headmasters. The present headmaster is S. Abramyan.
The present principal is S. Abrahamyan. He was born in 1959, in the village of Zaritap in Vayots dzor region. He began his teaching career in Zaritap technical school and later became it’s administrator. In 1994 Mr. Abrahamyan graduated from the pedagogical Institute after K. Abovyan and began to work in Zaritap secondary school as a teacher of Geography and Civic Education. He has been the principle of our school since 1995. The existence of Zaritap ICC is a direct result of Mr. . Abrahamyan`s effort and from the start he has been very involved in the center’s activities.
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