We (Newsletter)

Narine Markosyan is an exceptional student the in 10th form of Zaritap secondary school. Participating in the regional subject olympiad, she received the premium of the first place for Mathematics and French language, and received the second premium for Armenian language. She has also participated in the “Civic Education” subject`s competition.
There are many young creators in Zaritap secondary school. Four of them are M. Gevorkyan, L. Iskandaryan, S. Azatyan, and A.Safaryan. Their works have taken part in the online exibition “Colours of Childhood”. A. Safaryan’s work “Covastx” received an award.
Economic’s teacher S.Grigoryan works very hard to make her subject interesting and important. Recently, she has spent her open classes for 9th form presenting the theme “Demand and Supply, Market Price”. This presentation was a nice and interesting combination of creative effort and information about technical means. It was not in vain that her students took part in competitions and olympiads. Our team of young economoists were awarded 2nd place in the olympiad in regional degree.
V. Avakyan is a teacher of biology. She has been working in Zaritap Secondary School for many years. By her enterprise and strength she has made a slide show titled “Extinct Birds of Armenia”. This material will be dedicated to biology and geography lessons.
K. Gevorkyan is a teacher of Armenian language and Literature. She works at Zaritap school 00 years. Ms. Gevorkyan and the ICC’s employer have made a slideshow, with the program Power Point, about P. Sevak. The presentation introduces the great poet’s childhood through his poems on this theme.
Since May of this year, Zaritap’s ICC has been publishing a school newspaper, “Paros”. It is full of school news, interesting information, and pupil’s and teacher’s ideas and suggestions.
Zaritap Secondary School’s new student counsel ”Tir” was formed on the 21st of February, 2004. The student council will be working to enhance the educational process in our school.